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End of season storage and shrink wrapping prices below!

Mini Warehouse (5.0x10.0z8.0)

Self Storage Units

$70 / month

Mini Warehouse (10.0x10.0x8.0)

Self Storage units

$100 / month

Mini Warehouse (10.0x15.0x8.0)

Self Storage Units

$120 / month

Mini Warehouse (10.0x20.0x8.0)

$140 / month

Mini Warehouse (10.0x30.0x8.0)

Self Storage Units

$175 / month

Waiting List


Motor Winterized, Fogged, Outdrive Oil Check, Shrink Wrap, Mildew Guard, Water Systems, AC (if apply).

           Boats 16' to 19'                     $180.00 -plus $35.00 storage per month
           Boats 20' to 23'                     $260.00 -plus $40.00 storage per month
           Boats 24' to 26'                     $320.00 -plus $45.00 storage per month
           Boats 27' to 29'                     $395.00 -plus $50.00 storage per month
           Boats 30' and up                   Call for Quote -plus $50.00 storage per month
           ***Twin Motors                   $60.00 Extra

Bottom Wash, non-painted - $9.50 to $10.50 per foot

Removal and re-install of stainless props - $15.00 each and Must Be Picked Up By Customer


**Batteries Removed Upon Request Must Be Picked Up By Customer**

Entrance Gated and Security Camera

No Trailer - No Problem - Haul and Blocking Available
**As Always Most Trailers Stored for $25.00 In Summer**

509-2490 OR 415-1226


Rental Terms

Empire Storage and Gated Parking

Term: The storage unit is leased to Tenant on a month to month basis and is to be used by Tenant solely for the purpose referred to in paragraph 2 below. Tenant must give Landlord at least fourteen (14) days notice before vacating in person, in writing, or over the phone. Failure to do so may result in continued storage fees.

Use: The storage area must be used strictly for the lawful storage of personal property for no other purpose whatsoever. No residential or commercial occupancy, business or commercial operations within or other use of the storage unit of any type or nature whatsoever is permitted. No signs, notices or letters on the storage unit are permitted. No outside storage permitted without written permission of landlord.

For outdoor units: The storage space area must be used strictly for outdoor storage of the mentioned property only and for no other purpose whatsoever. NO OILS, TIRES, STORAGE, DUMPING OR DISPOSAL OF ANY MATERIALS IS PERMITTED.

Rent: The rent for each month must be paid in advance on the 1st day of the month at the Landlord's address given. The Landlord need not invoice, bill, or give Tenant notice to pay the rent. Rent must be paid in full and no amount subtracted from it. The first month's rent is to be paid when the Tenant signs this lease. There will be a five (5) percent late charge on the monthly rent due and payable with rent after five (5) days from the due date of the rent. (Example, if rent is due the first (1st) of month, late charges will apply after fifth (5th) day of the month. Amounts until final payment is received for that period.
Returned checks for insufficient funds shall result in a $20.00 fee.

Security Deposit: Tenant has given a security deposit to Landlord in the amount stated, if applicable. The security has been deposited in Landlord's business account and delivery of this lease is notice of the deposit. If Tenant does not pay rent on time, Landlord may, at its option, use the security deposit at any time to pay for rent past due. If Tenant fails to perform any other term in the lease Landlord may at its option use the security for reimbursement of expenses Landlord incurs or damages Landlord suffers because of Tenant's failure.
The Tenant's failure to give Landlord written notice to vacate the unit a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to termination of the lease will result in forfeiture to the Landlord of the Tenant's security deposit. If Tenant fully performs all the terms of this lease, pays rent on time, and leaves the storage unit in good condition then Landlord will return the security deposit to the Tenant with a reasonable period following termination of the lease.

Liability: Landlord is not liable for loss, expense or damage to any person or property, including but not limited to damage to the stored property or its contents caused by water leakage, flooding, dust, or fire, unless due to Landlord's intentional acts or gross negligence. Tenant is responsible for insuring Tenant's personal property and liability insurance in an amount reasonably satisfactory to Landlord, naming Landlord as an additional insured. Tenant is fully responsible for all acts of Tenant's employees, agent's representatives, guests or agents. Tenant hereby agrees that it will indemnify and save Landlord harmless from any liability for damage or injuries to any person or property resulting from the use and occupancy of the storage area by Tenant. Landlord is not responsible if access to unit becomes unavailable due to weather or other forces of nature.

Tenant Default:

A. If Tenant:
  • Fails to make any payment of rentvdue hereunder within ten (10) calendar days after due or,
  • Commits any other default hereunder, Landlord may, in addition to other remedies available to it under law, at its sole option either:
    • Over-lock the unit and deny the Tenant access thereto, and/or
    • Without any further notice or demand to Tenant, enter the storage unit/area and remove any and all property of the Tenant therein. If the Landlord enters the storage unit/area as provided in this paragraph or otherwise exercises its rights under this Lease or under law, Tenant must pay Landlord's expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, cleaning, repairs and auction expenses.

B. If Tenant's application for rental of the storage trailer contains any misstatement of fact Landlord may cancel this lease on three (3) days notice.

C. The Tenant hereby pledges and assigns and grants a security interest to the Landlord in all of the property of the Tenant which is or may be placed in the storage trailer, as security for the payment of the Landlord of all rent and any other sums due the Landlord hereunder. The lien hereby created may be enforced by distress, foreclosure or otherwise, at the election of the Landlord. The Tenant hereby waives all rights of homestead or exemption of such personal property to which Tenant may be entitled under the Constitution or laws of this State.

End of Term: At the end of the term Tenant must remove all of Tenant's property and leave the storage unit broom clean, repair any damage to the building caused by moving, and restore the unit to its condition as of the beginning of the term, at the Tennant's expense. Reasonable wear and tear excluded.

Rules: Tenant must comply with the following rules and any other rules issued by the Landlord. Notice of any rules will be given to Tenant. Tenant may not use as a defense against enforcement of the rules, non-enforcement and/or alleged non-enforcement of rules against other Tenants. Landlord is not liable to Tenant if another tenant violates these rules.
  • The comfort or rights of other tenants must not be interfered with. This means that annoying sounds, smells, and other unreasonable activities are not allowed.
  • Although Tenant will be allowed to enter their storage unit at any time, Landlord requests that visits be made during the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM for security reasons and in consideration of police patrolling the area.
Quiet Enjoyment: Subject to the provisions of this lease, as long as Tenant is not in default, Tenant may peaceably and quietly have, hold and enjoy the storage unit for the term hereof.

Tenant's Duty to Obey Laws and Regulations; Prohibition of Storage of Hazardous Materials; Dumping: Tenant must at Tenant's expense promptly comply with all laws, orders, rules, requests, and directions of all governmental authorities, Landlord's insurers, the Board of Fire Underwriters and/or similar groups. Notices received by Tenant from any such authority or group must be promptly delivered to Landlord. Tenant must not do anything that may increase Landlord's insurance premiums, or Tenant shall be obliged to pay the increase in premiums, or Tenant shall be obliged to pay the increase in premiums as added rent.
STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS IS PROHIBITED--HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO OPEN PAINT CANS, OILY RAGS, TOXIC CHEMICALS AND HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS. The entire term of this lease, Tenant shall be in compliance in all respects with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including, without limitation, those relating to toxic and hazardous substances and other environmental matters pertaining to the leased premises and the entire premises at 1385 Empire Boulevard. During the entire term of this lease, no portion of the leased premises or any other portion of the entire premises at 1385 Empire Boulevard will be used for the dumping disposal, storage, treatment, processing or other handling of any hazardous or toxic substances. No portion of the premises at 1385 Empire Boulevard will be used for the disposal or dumping of any materials or substances, even though they may be non-hazardous or non-toxic.

No Bailment; No Warehouseman's Liability: It is further expressly understood and agreed and Tenant hereby so acknowledges, that this instrument is an agreement for lease of space in the Landlord's property consisting of storage units, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, and the Landlord shall under no circumstances be or become subjected to any liability, responsible or capacity as a bailee or warehouseman.

Contents of Storage Unit: The Landlord shall not keep or be obliged to make or keep any records concerning the property which may be placed in or withdrawn from the storage unit. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Landlord shall under no circumstances be or become responsible for the contents of the storage unit/area or for the condition of the storage unit/area, nor shall the Landlord be liable for any injuries or loss or destruction whatsoever of any personal property which may be at any time in the storage unit/area.

Notices: Any bill, statement or notice must be in writing. If to Tenant, it may be delivered or sent by regular mail to the Tenant at the address designated above; if to Landlord, it must be received by Landlord at the above address. Tenant must promptly notify Landlord of any address or telephone change.

Representations, Changes in Lease: Tenant has read this lease. All promises made by the Landlord are in this lease. There are no others. This lease may be changed only by an agreement in writing signed by and delivered to each party.

Partial Invalidity: Any provision of this Lease which shall prove to be invalid, void, or illegal shall in no way affect, impair or invalidate any other provisions of this Lease and such other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.